Dressing School: Fashion Rules!

Good Morning. I have now become the quitessential twenty-something artist type. 11:17 am is when I say "good morning," and I go to my local hipster coffeeshop to write my blog posts. But here I am. Today is the day for the fashion rules. I think this is appropiately ironic because most of you who read this do not need these rules, but I'm going to write them out regardless. Feel free to post additional rules you may have in the comments. (BTW: also ironic because I never get comments.)

Welcome to class...

Having good style is accessable to everyone. It just is. Here are my ten commandments of dressing well. All of these need an explanantion, and I thought I would just hit you with them first, then elaborate on each in separate posts. They are not in order of importance.

1. Buy good shoes.
2. Contrast styles.
3. Don't follow trends like they're your religion. Use them, then throw them away.
4. Have good hair. Not trendy hair, good hair. Hair that YOU like.
5. Contrast silouettes. If you have something loose on top, wear something fitted on bottom, and vice versa.
6. You can wear any neutral with any other neutral always. (Neutrals are navy, black, white, cream, brown, grey)
7. Don't wear athletic clothes unless you're working out, or working in a profession that requires you to.
8. Wear things you're comfortable in. (Rule 7 still applies people.)
9. Always plan to have one daring or interesting piece to your outfit. (But don't go overboard.)
10. Take good care of your clothes, and keep them free of lint and pet hair.

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cats dreaming in keylime said...

I love this list.
True dat and stuff.