HalloWear - Day 3

Halloween is coming up, and this is the perfect time to justify buying something you really like, but will never wear in real life.

Because...Guess what? Halloween is not real life. Best news ever in my opinion. Which is why I am going to drag it out over 4 nights.

4 nights of wearing things I really like, but wouldn't wear any other time. Perfection.

Also, since this is not real life, my first post is going to be about Day 3.

Day 3, Saturday October 29, 2011
The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Shorts: Madewell
Pantyhose: American Apparel
Jacket: Modcloth
Shoes: Sam Edelman
Bracelet: My grandmothers dress up box
Earrings: Modcloth
Top: Anthropologie

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